The moment I started my conversation with Carol Cooke, I knew it was going to be an inspiring and compelling one. Her courage, her persistence, and her self-proclaimed stubbornness kept her going from one setback to the next until she finally overcame her many challenges to win her first para-olympic gold medal for Australia in 2012 after 41 years of trying, at the age of 50 years.

Starting with a dream to be a gymnast at the age of 9, she was told she could never make it happen. As a swimmer, she set the goal for the Moscow Olympics in 1980, when Canada and much of the world boycotted those games. Moving to Australia, being diagnosed with MS and told that she would never compete as an athlete again. The courage to get up and find rowing, but was unable to make it to the Olympics in that sport, Then finally, with no experience on a bike, she finally made her dreams come true in the 2012 para-olympics.

Carol is the most inspiring example of the power of inner strength I have ever met. Her attitude, as she navigated the challenges in her life, over 41 years to achieve the external gold medal, is a testament to the inner gold that she tapped into and drew strength from, day after day after day. She is humble, passionate, engaging, hilarious and inspiring and this is a podcast you do not want to miss.

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