Alena Turley is on a mission to spearhead intergenerational change by inviting women to re-empower themselves as they emerge through motherhood, and heal their traumas (big and small). Having overcome her own significant traumas, Alena is a passionate advocate for holistic living and the founder of Soul Mama Hub, a transformative platform dedicated to supporting mothers on their journey to self-discovery and wellness since 2009. 

With her warm and nurturing approach, Alena empowers women to embrace their authentic selves, prioritise self-care, and cultivate mindful practices that nourish the mind, body, and soul. Drawing from her own experiences as a mother and a wide range of qualifications, Alena offers a wealth of wisdom and practical tools to help mothers find balance, joy, and purpose in their everyday lives. Through her blog, workshops, and online community, Alena has become a trusted source of inspiration for mothers from Australia, England and America who are seeking to create a life infused with love, intention, and holistic well-being. Alena lives with her two sons, one daughter, one husband and one pooch on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. 

When abuse, addiction, and homelessness are a large part of your early life, it can be difficult to find a way through the trauma. Alena talks about suspending disbelief just long enough to find the spaces between to doubt to just take one small step at a time towards a better life. She has created a massive global movement from those humble beginnings. This is an empowering conversation for men and women alike. Enjoy.

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