I first saw Tracey Jewel on the reality show, ‘Married at First Sight’ back in 2018 where she really impressed me with the way she handled herself with an ongoing barrage of traumatic experiences on the show. It was then a random meeting where Tracey and I actually met for the first time, and after that, I was even more impressed with this inspiring lady 

At that time I didn’t know that she was already a successful author, speaker and coach who helped empower people to live their best lives. So, Tracey and I started  running some events together, but the wheels started falling off Tracey’s wagon, as she wasn’t expecting the relentless and hateful fallout she would experience on social media from her time on television. It was this horrific and inexcusable bullying that left Tracey feeling helpless and spiralling to the point where taking her own life seemed to be the only way out.

The great news is that Tracey is a resilient and courageous lady who picked herself up, dusted herself off and has gone onto rebuild herself and her life. In this conversation with Tracey, I invented a new word, as I described her journey as going from survival to thrival. If you would like to know how to ‘thrival’ in your own life, then this is a wonderfully inspiring conversation that I encourage you to listen to.

Tracey can be found on her website and followed and contacted on his Instagram page