No matter what is happening in your head, right now, success is bigger than it. Despite what has happened to you in your past, success is bigger than any poor performance you have experienced. Irrespective of your intelligence, talent level or ability, success is bigger than any situation. Aside from what other people may think or say about you, success is bigger than anyone’s opinion. Yes, it is available to you. Are you ready for it?

We, as humans, are far too quick to detract, discourage and diminish ourselves from achieving success, in many areas of life. I was just reading a couple of chapters from the book that a client of mine is writing, and she referred to a guy called Dr Rick Hanson, who said, the mind is Teflon for positive experiences and Velcro for the negative. In other words, negative experiences, self-deprecating thoughts and limiting beliefs seem more likely to stick and positive experiences, compliments and affirming thoughts seem to slide straight off.

You may be asking; what does ‘success is bigger than you’ actually mean? That is a very good question. It means; success is not about you, your past experiences, your previous successes or challenges, your ability, your intellect, your talent, your age, your connections, your financial position or any of the other things we hold inside of us and believe will impact our ability to be successful. I was listening to an audio seminar the other day and the speaker said one short but powerfully profound sentence to sum this up. He said, if you’re willing to commit, you cannot fail.

In my ‘TEARS of joy’ model, I have spoken about before, the S, which stands for success, is the predictable result of the Routines we create, based on the Actions we take, as a result of the Emotions we experience, due to the Thought, beliefs and perspective we focus on. Hmm, interesting. There is no I for IQ, N for natural talent, L for luck, C for connections, F for financial position or D for date of birth! The books I have written and the success I have had as an author, were not born from my education, my natural ability, my experience or qualifications. I was willing to commit, I did, and I was successful.

Nelson Mandela had all the odds against him in his desire to change the world, yet he was willing to commit, even through 27 years of incarceration. His success was predictable. JK Rowling, overcame significantly tough personal circumstances, and, more than 40 rejections from publishers, to get Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone finally published. Luck? Talent? Money? No way, she was willing to commit, and she committed until she got the result. A young boy with a stutter, bright red hair and big thick lens glasses, became one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever known. Ed Sheeran is a global phenomenon because he believed that success was bigger than him, and he committed to a process that predictably led to his life today.

What is the success you would like to experience? Want to be an author? Then get out of your head and get into committed action, and, it will happen. Want to be financially successful? Then get out of your head and get into committed action, and, it will happen. Want to be lean, fit and healthy? Then get out of your head and get into committed action, and, it will happen. Do you want to live a purposeful life of joyful longevity? The, stop believing it’s about anything other than committed action. Success is truly bigger than you, so stop using yourself as an excuse why you’re not getting what you want. Get clear, get committed and get into action and watch amazing success happen in your life.