Michael Alcée grew up seeing therapy and thriving go hand in hand. 

As a social worker, his mother had an office on the side of their house, and he would often pass clients on their way out as he was riding his bike down the street. They looked so much lighter than when they came in.  Intrigued by the magic happening inside, he wanted to learn how to create and be a part of that magic, too.

It wasn’t uncommon for his piano practice to sneak in past the soundproofing of my mother’s office. Surprisingly enough, many clients told her how much they enjoyed the playing, lamenting it when it wasn’t there, and even requesting it when it was quiet. From this, Michael learned the importance of how much we all seek to have the arts in our lives – and what a difference that truly makes. As somebody who’s always appreciated music, literature, and the arts, he loves to bring it all together in his work as a therapist and to be part of the magic that therapy truly brings.

Michael, now a PhD in clinical psychology, a psychotherapist, a mental health educator and an author, his passion is to help his clients feel the freedom on the inside so they can create the life they want on the outside. With a unique perspective on emotional regulation and the power of the artistic creativity we all possess, Michael is having a profound effect on many lives. Including yours, as you enjoy this wonderful conversation.

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