Nikki Barry is doing amazing things as a mindset coach, wellness professional, speaker, podcaster  and yoga teacher. She believes in living your healthiest life. One that allows you to live, heal and transform your life from within. Her holistic approach supports and sustains physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. She offers a variety of programs that helps you deepen your experience of life, and achieve your goals.

Nikki has had a journey to get to this place. Sexually abused at the age of 8, she hid this information from everyone and carried unnecessary guilt and shame years. She miscarried in her early twenties, and lost herself in the opinions and ideals of the world around her, to the point where taking her life seemed the only way to stop the pain. It wasn’t until she finally spoke up about her shame, to her father, the man she had been fearful to tell for 20 years. He responded with love and acceptance and it helped Nikki start to love and accept herself.

Since that time, it has been Nikki’s purpose to help people love themselves for who they are and to be proud to show up as themselves. Nikki gets very raw and honest in this podcast and it is a powerful conversation that everyone needs to listen to. it is a podcast I know will change lives.

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