After a challenging upbringing, which included  a single mum, lots of struggles financially, spiralling into alcoholism, getting arrested for drink driving, to mental health issues, and culminating in a stroke from overwork which finally woke Chris up to the things he was doing and the things he wanted in his life.

He moved to London in 2015 from a country town in Australia and prior to the point of TravelFit’s creation, he had been reflecting on what he wanted to create in life and questioned what he could do for others who may have struggled with creating healthy habits to live a better more fulfilled life. From the events during his upbringing and overcoming many obstacles by changing his mind and body through changing his perspective, cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and implementing practices on nutrition, training and becoming more present he completely changed his old self sabotaging habits to create a new more mindful and present life.

after visiting 28 countries, meeting the queen, and overcoming his struggles with mental health issues and experiencing a health issue that could be described as a “mini stroke” he found himself building a brand with a mission called TravelFit Global. Once inspired with this mission to help more people make a lasting change to their own life with the TravelFit Principles of Mind, Body and Soul. Chris learnt through experiences, books, study and travel that we are all struggling in life because we lack the basic principles in a structured way to live our life with fulfilment and purpose. This is an amazing conversation, so please enjoy

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