By her own admission, Alaina Schwartz was earning a high six-figure income as a lawyer in the brutally competitive music industry. From an external viewpoint, it would seem that she was living a dream life. She had money, status and profile, but she was miserable. She was not living her truth and the stress of this lie was reaping havoc on her physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, leading her to significant dis-ease.

As a result, her life spiralled. Her marriage ended, her health suffered and her strong financial position dissolved into debt. When Alaina finally realised she needed to shift her paradigm, things started to change for the better. She  mastered many mindset tools that radically changed her life. In the process, she realised that she was creating her own suffering, and that she also had the power to end that suffering and live an extraordinary life. 

She stopped chasing more as the answer to feeling satisfied and happy. She began again, this time very intentionally, to rewire her brain and clear the blocks and doubts that were standing in the way of having the life she truly desired. In this conversation with Alaina, she is real and raw and has a message that we all need to hear if we want to shift our own limiting paradigms and live an extraordinary life.

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