Demelza Fellowes has an impressive sporting and business background. She has played more than 180 games of high level netball, including 9 games with Australia. She has been a high performing executive with 15+ years experience in performance programs, commercial partnerships, marketing, events and entertainment across multiple industries, mostly sport. It all began because of her desire to experience all that life had to offer and say ‘yes’ at every opportunity. 

Demelza loves pursuing excellence and enabling magical experiences. It all started as a child, where she was encouraged to go out and experience life. After reading a notice on the sports notice board at school that there was a netball group looking for players, she said ‘yes’ and off she went. That was the beginning of an impressive netball career that included 9 test caps with Australia. Her success after sport, within many organisations, has happened with her same zest for living and willingness to just give things a go.

She has learned a lot about being more attentive, focussed and intentional about her ‘yeses’, however, she is still interested in squeezing the most out of life and the experiences it offers every single day. She shares some amazing wisdom, great stories and empowering ideas throughout this wonderful conversation. If you want to get the most out of yourself in this lifetime, this is definitely a conversation not to be missed.

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