Chris Freer had a life many would see as successful. He was the owner of five pubs and two clubs in the United Kingdom, and he was working hard to provide a lifestyle for himself and his family. As often is the case with very driven individuals, great career success comes at a cost. The cost was his marriage, and his wellbeing.

When Chris started feeling unwell, he went on a journey to find out what was impacting his well being. Many doctors visits and tests revealed that he had Multiple Sclerosis. The good news, as he was told by one doctor, was that he would still have 20 years before symptoms would really start to appear. Unfortunately for Chris, this was not to be and very soon he was experiencing daily challenges.

Coupled with his marriage ending, his ailing health led him to a decision to end the pain, and his life. On the day he decided to commit suicide, and in the moment it was to happen, the eyes of a stranger saved him. Since that day, Chris has made it his mission to show more compassion towards himself, and others, and he is now impacting lives every single day. Trust me when I say, this is a conversation not to be missed.

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