Jim Wilson is a legend in Australian sporting media. He has over 35 years in television and radio, and has travelled  to the most prestigious and watched sporting events all around the world. His mission as a journalist was always to give the very best he could and help the people he was speaking to let their talent and inspiration shine through. It was a very successful and meaningful career in media.

Now, with his wife Chris, he runs a media training company, MC’s many events around the country, and owns a restaurant in the Hunter Valley of NSW called Wollomi Kitchen. After his long and successful media career, he is now at a stage in life where lifestyle and purpose is the goal. He wants to enjoy his life, run a successful restaurant and impact the world of medical research. Why medical research?

On his journey, Jim has experienced some heartbreaking tragedy. Not only did he lose his sister at 53 and father at 64 to cancer, he also experienced the devastating loss of his 6 year old son Sam, to brain cancer. His mission is to shake up the government, rattle some cages, and get much needed funding for medical research to help, as Jim says ‘crack the code’  to get some answers, solutions, and cures for a disease that is crippling lives.

Jim is a great man, and one I am very grateful for his sharing of his journey and his passion. This is a conversation that will inspire you and empower you to be the best you can and do the best you can to make a difference in this world..

Find out more about Jim on his website.

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