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Information is great. Inspiration is awesome. Vision is critical. Desire is essentional. Without action, however, nothing will move.

The following, and growing library of tools and resources are here to help in this critical stage of your adventure, and that is, to get started and keep moving torwards success.

Please use, enjoy and share these tools and commit yourself to living the best life you can live.


What is your why?

This tool is a sheet for you to start the process of identifying what is most important and a powerful vision that will give you clarity, excitement and a reason to get into positive, focused and immediate action.

Download Vision Sheet

T.E.A.R.S. Worksheet

When you create the right thoughts and beliefs, any thing is possible. It will start a domino effect that leads to empowering feelings, immediate action strong routines and predictable success. This worksheet is a great start to achieving tears of joy in your life.

Download TEARS Worksheet

63-day tracking sheet

The neuroscience suggests that it takes at least 63-days of focus to create a strong neural pathway in the brain. That is, a powerful and positive habit or routine. With the right routines in your life, health, happiness and success is predictable.

Download 63- Day Tracking Sheet

Getting full to overflowing

A short video demonstration to show the power of building ourselves up to the point of overflow and the powerful impact it can have on our own lives, and the people and world around us.


Media Resources for 63-Day Challenge

The following video and audio resources are to support the courageous people who have decided to create permanent positive change in their lives and embark on the 63-day challenge.

These are to be used in conjunction with a transformation program. Contact Andrew for me information.

Video Day 1 – Watch Now

Video Day 21 – Watch Now

Video Day 42 – Watch Now

Video Day 63 – Watch Now

Audio Day 3 – Listen

Audio Day 6 – Listen

Audio Day 9 – Listen

Audio Day 12 – Listen

Audio Day 15 – Listen

Audio Day 18 – Listen

Audio Day 24 – Listen

Audio Day 27 – Listen

Audio Day 30 – Listen

Audio Day 33 – Listen

Audio Day 36 – Listen

Audio Day 39 – Listen

Audio Day 45 – Listen

Audio Day 48 – Listen

Audio Day 51 – Listen

Audio Day 54 – Listen

Audio Day 57 – Listen

Audio Day 60 – Listen


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