Adam Wallace is energetic, animated (yes, even on a podcast), passionate and purpose-driven. To me, he epitomises what living your best life looks like. He loves everything he does, he is making a difference in many people’s lives and he is leaving a legacy that will live on, long after he is gone. He has a tattoo which represents, ‘remember death, live forever.’ To him this means we need to recognise that we are only on planet earth for a finite period of time, so it’s important that we make the most of every second and do things that will live on after we have gone.

He has the benefit of both an analytical and creative side. His engineering background combined with his passion for empowering children with his books, drawing and school visits has seen him go on to write more than 84 books and sell over 2,300,000 of them all around the world. He has had seven of his books hit top-ten on the NY Times bestseller list. His astronomical success has come through vision, expectancy, goal setting and positive action. 

This is an incredibly powerful, energising and inspiring conversation in which Adam offers some powerful and simple strategies that you can apply today to start living your own best life. His message is clear and it is profound, and that is, you are only alive for a finite period of time, so don’t waste it doing things that you don’t love. There is a joyful world of passion and purpose waiting for you, as soon as you are ready to grab it. Enjoy this wonderful conversation with Adam Wallace.

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