This is an awesome conversation with Tor Roxburgh and Patrick Bonello. Tor writes (fiction and non-fiction), is a sometime artist (public sculpture & painting), loves reading speculative fiction, is keen on philosophy, architecture, community activism, feminism and… generally likes thinking about things and doing things. Patrick started his career as a radio journalist, now he does fun stuff running his own business and making websites, does graphic design work, is keen on gadgets and community activism and secularism and… generally likes thinking about things and doing things.

This unlikely duo have started a wonderful podcast called, Ok, Smart-ass. The show where they put technology under the microscope, they take a photo of it with their smartphones, zoom in really close, chuck it into the blender, press the button and look at what’s happening in technology innovation and gadgets that make our lives so much more exciting. 

In this conversation, I am amazed at the incredible technology that is out there, and being developed, that is helping  and will help people improve the quality of their lives. I challenged Tor and Patrick to discuss how tech can help people be healthier and live lives of joyful longevity. They did not disappoint and what you will enjoy is an incredible conversation that will give you hope, help and happiness.

To find out more about ‘Ok, Smart-ass, go to the website