Kate Martin has been a personal trainer health coach, massage therapist and nutritionist amongst other qualifications since 1998. It was  an injury in the gym requiring rehabilitation which inspired to get some qualifications and from that point she has been inspiring humans to take control of their health, and for them to know they are the CEO of themselves, and their bodies, and everybody else is just their advisors. 

She’s spent a lot of time in the last decade as a single mother, so she knows what it’s like when things get tough, having to prioritise, and push through to get things done without a lot of time. In the case of hard to solve health problems, she prides herself on her network of professionals all over the world, that she refers out to.  In this journey, she found a passion for mentoring coaches and business owners to help them make more money with less time invested.

Although hard at the time she now knows what a blessing it was to move cities and start her health coaching business across 11 cities in Australia. As she’s often running live events, this has helped her spread the message of health far and wide, which is now coupled with demand due to social media. Kate in an inspiring example of what can happen when you have a passion to help people, know what you want, and learn how to navigate and negotiate the challenges in life.

Find out more about Kate here.