Danielle Matthews has a journey that would be defined by the phrase and condition  of post traumatic growth. It is filled with inspiration, hope, and awakening to the powers we each hold within us to turn our pain into our power. After overcoming a traumatic brain injury when hit by a drunk driver who fell asleep at the wheel, she started on a path of discovery to find healing from her trauma. She has now helped thousands with their health and hundreds to step into entrepreneurship. She is well versed in post traumatic growth, spirituality, personal development philosophy, cellular health & entrepreneurship. Here are some topics we discuss: 

1. Post Traumatic Growth: How to use challenges in life as teaching moments so you can learn the lessons that will propel you into your next phase. Turn your pain into your power. 

2. Spiritual Laws to Success: How to take back control of our mind and thoughts to intentionally create our reality from the inside out. How inner work and spiritual growth will translate to success in business from sales to networking to growth. 

3. Quantum Healing: A unique look at how to recapture and maintain optimum health by leveraging quantum healing tools. Assisting the body to heal itself so you can resolve the root of the issue and not just address symptoms.

Danielle is the epitome of the power of the mind and the decision to turn her trauma into her legacy. With the ability to find the good, the lessons, and the growth available in her adversity, she has been able to impact thousands of lives all around the world.

Find out more about Danielle on her website.

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