When we are younger it seems to be more about what we can get. Well, if I am being brutally honest, that was me. Totally selfish and self-absorbed. I really and tragically believed joy came from what I could get for myself. I am grateful for the years, the challenges, and the wisdom, as I now know deep in my heart, my true joy comes from what I can give. And the best news, I have plenty to give. As do you.

You may be sitting and reading this saying, he doesn’t know my situation. I don’t have plenty to give at all. I am struggling to make ends meet financially as it is, how could I give more? I am busy with a full life and don’t have any time to give. If this is you, I can relate, because I have been where you are. I still believe, despite your limitations, you have plenty to give. This simple experience I recently had reinforced it to me.

I had been training one morning and was heading home. As I walked through a local park, there was a man walking his two dogs. He had just arrived and was just letting them off the leash. As soon as one of them saw me, he started bounding towards me with enthusiasm. As the dog approached the owner said, he will want to jump up on you. I said, that is fine, I love dogs. As promised, the dog jumped, licked, and enjoyed some love from me before leaping off to find more adventure. As I walked away, and passed the owner, he said, he will want to jump up and kiss you every time he sees you now. I replied, that is fine, I have plenty of love to give.

As I walked away, this blog came into my mind. That phrase came out of my mouth without any thought or deliberation. I just know inherently, whether I have money in the bank or time to spare or not, I will always have plenty of love to give. So, by the way, do you. I have spoken before about my experience with the homeless, and my realisation that they don’t need me to give them money, they need me to give them recognition and love. I can do that till the cows come home. I was reminded by the guy in the street as I went home to get a book to give him, it wasn’t the book that mattered, it was the fact that I went to the effort to get it and come back. That is something I can give and will give until there is no breath left in my body.

Money can be spent, often on the wrong things. Time can be wasted, and once gone we can never get it back. Love, encouragement, and recognition, once given, will last a lifetime and will start a ripple effect that may well positively impact millions of lives for generations to come. We can all give love, encouragement, and recognition in an unlimited supply because it never runs out.

I am reminded about the letter my Hungarian great grandmother wrote and sent via mail to my mother when she was just 6 years old, in the year 1941. It was a letter written in very poor English by a doting grandmother to her granddaughter and it spilled over with love, encouragement, and beautiful affirmation. My mother kept this letter until the day she died, 63 years later. It was a message that I know impacted her life, and has now impacted mine, and the ripple continues. We all have plenty to give.

In my podcast this week with Dr Jono Taves, called The headache doc, I was amazed and inspired by what this man is giving to help people be headache and migraine free. He recognised that the answer is so much more simple than has been portrayed by many people, and so now he is making a powerful difference all around the world.

Here is my challenge for you today. Pick five people and give generously to them. Not money, not time, not knowledge, not motivation or not anything you may feel you have a limited supply of. Give them something you have in an abundant and endless supply. Give loving words, give encouragement, and give focused attention. Trust me, these things will have a far greater impact on someone’s life than money, for sure. The great news is, when it comes to these things, you have plenty to give.