Kate Strong and I, from different ends of the world, spoke as guests on each others podcasts. To be honest, talking to Kate, I felt, and still feel, that I need to play a bigger game. As she shared her story with me, and then told me how she had given up all her revenue streams to focus on building a bike out of bamboo in preparation to ride 5000km around the UK to create awareness of climate change, I knew this was a special lady and it was going to be an incredible conversation. I wasn’t wrong.

Kate has incredible diversity in her background: engineer, athlete, coach, speaker, adventurer and advocate. She spoke about her transition from business owner, living in poverty, yet with so much richness, as she described it, to world champion tri-athlete in just two years, which is an incredible story in itself. Then to find her mission and passion for advocating for action against climate change and building sustainability, which has got her doing things that many would not believe possible. She is most certainly living a bigger game than many.

Kate is currently operating and thriving on faith that things will fall into place, and there are. She is focussed on her own identity and making sure it is one that she cannot lose in the journey of life. She is most definitely living and inspiring others to live a life outside their comfort zone and is reaping the rewards of joy, passion, purpose, meaning, significance and self-worth as a result. She is inspiring people all around the world to play a bigger game. Trust me when I say this is a conversation not to be missed.

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