In episode 111, called Choose you, I spoke to Rhianne Miller for the first time and was blown away by her story, her attitude and the impact she is having on lives. Rhianne’s life was travelling along beautifully. She was happy, seemingly healthy, had a great job and was loving her life. Soon after her 32nd birthday a breast cancer diagnosis rocked her world. She was expecting a great year, but was she ended up with was a journey that has totally transformed her life. After all the treatment, a mastectomy and a failed reconstruction, she decided that she would just live with one breast, and love herself anyway. She has publicly and unashamedly honored herself and her body as a message to all people that they are beautiful, just the way they are.

Rhi is challenging many people with confronting pictures she is regularly posting on social media. Her goal is to honour herself and her missing breast, and to inspire people to learn to love every part of themselves just as they are. In one post, she stopped me in my tracks with a picture and a title that stated, Perfection in the perfect lie. If you want to understand what she means by that, you will need to listen to this wonderful conversation.

Rhianne is using her challenge and journey as a way to help other people experiencing adversity in their lives. She is currently developing an online wellness hub called Rhivive, as a one-stop shop where she is bringing together wellness businesses to nurture people through difficult times. She is now choosing to love herself, just as she is, and encourages people everywhere to do the same. She is an enthusiastic and passionate beacon of light and hope for every single person, and this truly is a conversation that everyone needs to hear.

To follow Rhianne and Rhivive, go to her instagram page.

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