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"The Wellness Puzzle is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle books I have ever read. If you follow Andrew's seven life principles, you will be on the way to achieving his hefty goal of living well and living to 100."
Dr Ross Walker

"Hi Andrew, I want to say a HUGE thank you for writing ACCIDENTAL AUTHOR.  You have inspired me! It turned out to be exactly what I needed to get me over the line in BELIEVING I can achieve my dream of being an author."

"I finished reading 'Dance until it rains', I absolutely loved it, I couldn't put it down. I'm so glad you got it finished! Your Mum was a wonderfully inspirational woman. Your book has made me even more determined to tell my story."


Andrew was a huge motivational force in helping me to write my book. He was there to help me from the beginning, and thanks to Andrew, I was motivated enough to keep on track with my writing, and to complete the book."

"Andrew, I also wanted to thank you again for enabling me to do what I have done.  Without your support, your interest and your skill I would not have started this amazing experience let alone finished it and held my book in my hand.  I am an author not by accident, but because you gave me the skills and the confidence to be one."


"Andrew is with his audience - he has a powerful desire to engage audience into his message"

“Very inspiring talk. I came feeling quite flat … I left feeling motivated to make a change in my life”

"As part of our Health and Wellbeing Program Andrew Jobling facilitated a half day session for employees around  long term health and wellbeing. This was rolled out Nationally for over 200 of our employees. Andrew was able to actively engage with our staff and provide an energetic and fun session providing constructive reinforcement of ideas and learnings. The feedback from employees and managers was some of the most positive feedback I have ever received about a training session or facilitator."
Susan, Costa Group


"Andrew Jobling came to speak to our Year 8 and Year 9 students about goal setting, and never giving up. He was engaging, he encouraged the boys to look within themselves for their strengths, and  always have the perseverance to keep trying. The boys found him to be motivating, funny, and relatable.
His message is particularly relevant to students ready to take their next step in their life journey. His personal delivery, and his professional approach meant that all students were engaged with his message."
Cassie, Trinity Grammar

"Andrew, thank you for coming in to speak to our student leaders about the importance of determination and having the right mind set. The feedback from our students was that your presentation was engaging and worthwhile; and they got to know each other a little better during the interactive activities."
Louise, Balwyn HS


"I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the live video Funshop. The information was invaluable and interesting. Great to hear other's experiences too. Andrew engages his audience in a relaxed but professional manner. He is full of positive energy which is contagious and inspires us all to believe in our own success."



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‘We create our destiny by dreaming bigger than most people would think reasonable, by believing in ourselves more than most people would think sensible, by making decisions that most people would think illogical and continuing to act way beyond the point that most people would have given up.'

~ Andrew Jobling


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Every wave... Starts with a ripple!

Posted 9/7/2019

Everything that is massive in the world, started with something very small. Every tall skyscraper, started with one brick. Every best-selling book started with one word. Every billion dollar business started with one idea. Every catastrophic natural disaster started with one small movement of air or earth. Every wave that crashes in on the shore, began with one small ripple. So, as I sit on this flight to the USA for the month of September 2019, I have a mission. My mission is to initiate a ripple that will turn into a wave of wellness around the world.

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Unless you're ready for the truth... Don't read this!

Posted 8/31/2019

What are you doing? Why are you reading? Stop now! If you keep reading, I can’t be held responsible for what happens in your life. I would, however, take some credit if you do keep reading, are willing to accept responsibility and actually take some uncomfortable action. Is that what you want? I just want to make sure before you venture out into open waters, you know what you’re in for.

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Never underestimate the... Power of people!

Posted 8/24/2019

There are some of us who are shy, introverted, and, maybe don’t even like socialising or connecting with other people.  That was me, and still is to a certain extent. Always much happier at home, in front of the TV and in my comfort zone, than out meeting and talking to people. Whilst, I still find it uncomfortable, I am much more focussed and determined to connect with new people. Why? Well, as you can see from the picture below; if you ever see a turtle on a fencepost, there is one thing you know for sure… it didn’t get there on its own!

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Remove the pain of re-starting... Be consistent!

Posted 8/17/2019

Be consistent!! Wow, there’s a new and mind-blowing concept. I know you’ve never heard that one before, and you must be floored with my originality and creativity. It’s nothing new that consistency is one of the most crucial keys to success, in just about anything you want. We know it, we hear it, we say it, we believe it yet for the most part we ignore it. Then, if that’s not crazy enough, we force ourselves to go through the pain of re-starting, and, getting back on track time and time again. We are very intelligent beings, just not very smart sometimes!

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Success lies... On the other side!

Posted 8/10/2019

I played my first senior game of professional football in August 1983. I played my second in April 1985, some 20 months later. During that time, I was not injured, my form was good, and, there was no logical reason why I would have to wait that long between senior games. It wasn’t until I played that second game and was one of the best players, which launched my professional career, that I worked it out. When I started submitting the book about my amazing mother, Dance Until it Rains, to publishers, I had no idea I would have to face over 50 rejections from publishers, and that it would take almost seven years from pen down to published book in my hands. I also had no idea that its achievement, and the impact of the book would change many lives, most profoundly my own. I really wasn’t aware, until the blessing came, that success lay on the other side of relentless struggle, opposition and discouragement.

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Stop chasing... Start receiving!

Posted 8/3/2019

Have you ever seen a dog chasing its tail? I’m sure you have. The more important question is; have you ever seen a dog catch it and then be satisfied? My little dog, Joia, will run around and around trying to catch her tail until she literally loses her balance, through dizziness, and falls over. It’s funny for me to watch, but I’m sure frustrating for her as it is never a successful or satisfying pursuit. This is something to consider as we chase things in our life. While we’re talking about domesticated dogs, what about food? They are always sniffing, searching and fossicking for it. They always seem to be chasing it, when at least once, or twice, every day, they receive a beautiful bowl of food. No chase required!

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Don't stuff it, instead... Capture negative emotion!

Posted 7/26/2019

You can’t outwork doubt, fear and low self-esteem. You can’t create a happy life whilst feeling resentment and bitterness. You will never be loved when you hate. There is no way to be optimally healthy when you are anxious, stressed and worrying. On the other hand, you will fly to joy, happiness, optimal health, blissful relationships, wonderful achievement and total fulfillment in life when you are in a state of gratitude, love, excitement, empowerment and desire. That being the case, why do we spend so much of our time in a negative emotional state?

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I like being known as... The positive man!

Posted 7/20/2019

There is an inspiring man, who is a very successful businessman, speaker and author, named Skip Ross. He has created a full day seminar he has been delivering for many years, called the Dynamic Living Seminar. Straight away I was interested. I mean is there anyone who truly doesn’t want to live a dynamic life? I know I surely do. I devoured the audio series and listened to it time and time again. One of the things Skip said, that has stuck with me over many years was this; ‘You can choose to be happy or you can choose to be unhappy. It’s always better, it’s always wiser, it’s always smarter to choose to be happy!’

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It's not about health... Get passionate about life!

Posted 7/13/2019

Yes, I’ve spent 30 years in the health and wellbeing industry. Yes, I spend most of my life talking to people and encouraging them to make better choices about their own health and wellbeing. Yes, I focus every day, and with every decision, on my own health and wellbeing. Yes, my mission right now is to create a wave of wellness all around the world. Having said all of that, health and wellbeing isn’t what I’m passionate about. Does that sound weird? Does that seem like a total contradiction? Are you confused? If I am not passionate about health and wellbeing, what I am I passionate about? Well, that’s an easy one. I am passionate about my life!

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Nothing moves... Without purpose!

Posted 7/6/2019

With every new day that goes past, with every different person I speak to and with every fresh insight I learn, I am more and more convinced of one true and undeniable certainty in life. That is; nothing moves in the direction we really want, without a purpose. I speak about this often, and I talk about how important finding your purpose is, but I really want to bear down on it this week, to help you get into action and start the journey of finding and following your true purpose in life. I think too many people see the concept of purpose as one too ethereal to take seriously. It does sound a little woo-woo. I understand, and for many people, life is just too full, hectic and busy with the urgent things that they don’t have time to worry about something so ‘childish’. Well, let me tell you in no uncertain terms; nothing great – and I mean nothing great – will happen in your life until you find your purpose.

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