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"The Wellness Puzzle is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle books I have ever read. If you follow Andrew's seven life principles, you will be on the way to achieving his hefty goal of living well and living to 100."
Dr Ross Walker

"Hi Andrew, I want to say a HUGE thank you for writing ACCIDENTAL AUTHOR.  You have inspired me! It turned out to be exactly what I needed to get me over the line in BELIEVING I can achieve my dream of being an author."

"I finished reading 'Dance until it rains', I absolutely loved it, I couldn't put it down. I'm so glad you got it finished! Your Mum was a wonderfully inspirational woman. Your book has made me even more determined to tell my story."


Andrew was a huge motivational force in helping me to write my book. He was there to help me from the beginning, and thanks to Andrew, I was motivated enough to keep on track with my writing, and to complete the book."

"Andrew, I also wanted to thank you again for enabling me to do what I have done.  Without your support, your interest and your skill I would not have started this amazing experience let alone finished it and held my book in my hand.  I am an author not by accident, but because you gave me the skills and the confidence to be one."


"Andrew is with his audience - he has a powerful desire to engage audience into his message"

“Very inspiring talk. I came feeling quite flat … I left feeling motivated to make a change in my life”

"As part of our Health and Wellbeing Program Andrew Jobling facilitated a half day session for employees around  long term health and wellbeing. This was rolled out Nationally for over 200 of our employees. Andrew was able to actively engage with our staff and provide an energetic and fun session providing constructive reinforcement of ideas and learnings. The feedback from employees and managers was some of the most positive feedback I have ever received about a training session or facilitator."
Susan, Costa Group


"Andrew Jobling came to speak to our Year 8 and Year 9 students about goal setting, and never giving up. He was engaging, he encouraged the boys to look within themselves for their strengths, and  always have the perseverance to keep trying. The boys found him to be motivating, funny, and relatable.
His message is particularly relevant to students ready to take their next step in their life journey. His personal delivery, and his professional approach meant that all students were engaged with his message."
Cassie, Trinity Grammar

"Andrew, thank you for coming in to speak to our student leaders about the importance of determination and having the right mind set. The feedback from our students was that your presentation was engaging and worthwhile; and they got to know each other a little better during the interactive activities."
Louise, Balwyn HS


"I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the live video Funshop. The information was invaluable and interesting. Great to hear other's experiences too. Andrew engages his audience in a relaxed but professional manner. He is full of positive energy which is contagious and inspires us all to believe in our own success."



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‘We create our destiny by dreaming bigger than most people would think reasonable, by believing in ourselves more than most people would think sensible, by making decisions that most people would think illogical and continuing to act way beyond the point that most people would have given up.'

~ Andrew Jobling


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Wellbeing is not a pillar, it's... The foundation!

Posted 11/3/2019

I was in Italy this time last year. I had six wonderful weeks enjoying this most beautiful country. There are some remarkable places and incredible buildings that have been standing, weathering the elements and the wars, for many thousands of years. The building in this photo is the Pantheon in Rome. It was first built in 27BC, burnt down, was struck by lightning, was rebuilt in 120AD and has stood ever since. Looking at the building, and the incredible pillars that are holding it up, it’s easy to see why the structure has been standing for almost 2000 years. Except, the pillars are not the reason why the Pantheon has stood for so long, it’s the foundation the pillars are standing on. If the foundation wasn’t strong enough, the pillars would have collapsed centuries earlier.

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Joyful logevity is about... Three little words!

Posted 10/27/2019

I have been in the health, fitness, wellbeing, wellness – or whatever else you want to call it – industry for 30 years. For many years I believed I could convince people to make better choices, eat better, train effectively and live a longer, happier and healthier life. I was wrong. I always thought that the more I knew about the body, its physiology and what would lead to greater health, the better. Again, I was wrong. I was confused with all the science, research, opinions, strategies and ideas about what it takes to be live a healthy life. I spent too much time reading and learning. I used to think that people actually wanted to be healthy. Again, I was wrong. What I now know is that people want to live their best life, for as long as possible, and, that all comes down to three little words.

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All it takes is... A little courage!

Posted 10/19/2019

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying; everything you want, but don't yet have, is on the other side of your comfort zone. Does it annoy you as much it does me? People who say it, often have a smug look on their face, like, the cat who got the canary, or, the penguin who woke the polar bear with symbols, and, survived! Do you ever want to slap these people and tell them, that your life is okay, and you don’t need them prancing around telling you what you should and shouldn’t do? Me too!

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Your destiny is greater than your history!

Posted 10/11/2019

What I admire and envy about children most is that they have much less history to drag them down than we adults do. They believe they can do anything. They have visions of grandeur. They believe they will change the world, be famous, fly to the moon and live a life of adventure. There is no limit to the imagination of children, and they honestly believe their dreams will become reality. Do you remember what you dreamed of as a child? Do you remember knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, that it would happen for you? Did you ever fly down a mountain on a bike, or Jump off a roof, believing you could fly? Did you ever hold that pretend microphone in your hands, singing like a superstar, and, absolutely believe it would happen? We all did, because at that time in our life, our destiny was far greater than our history.

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Make the decision, and then... You can dance!

Posted 10/4/2019

As I am writing this blog, I am sitting on a flight from LA to Melbourne, on my way home after a spectacular month in the USA. By the time you are reading it, I will be back on home turf, and planning my next assault on the world. For the last month I have met some amazing people, been able to share my message to different groups, and, I can now see opportunities open up, before my very eyes, to take my purpose to the next level. There are so many amazing memories that I bring with me as I return home, but one lady, in particular, has inspired me beyond words. Her story will change many lives and empower numerous people to stand up and dance, when maybe, they don’t think they can. 

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Make sure you can attain... What you're chasing!

Posted 9/27/2019

It’s a sneaky trick; to fool a donkey into chasing the carrot it will never attain, just to get it working, and, moving for human gain. It’s sneaky, but it works, for us not the donkey. Do you want to know what’s crazy about the human race? We should know better than a donkey, right? We should know that the chase is futile, yet we dangle unattainable carrots in front of own noses, every day, and start on a chase that will leave us frustrated, unfulfilled and wondering what will give us the happiness and success that we all want in our lives.

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Make Today Count

Posted 9/22/2019

I feel like a broken record at times. I sit here trying to come up with new and exciting blog ideas, and yet, I keep coming back to the same boring and repeated messages. Why? Because, they are the ones that will most count in your life, and, you probably missed this message or weren’t paying attention the last time I wrote about it. Yesterday is gone and there’s nothing you can do to change it, and, tomorrow will never come. That leaves one day, and one day only that you have control of. That day is… today. My question is; are you living today like it’s the most precious commodity there is? Are you making choices today, based on what you learned yesterday and what you want in the future? If not, the past is wasted and the future unknown. Everything is controlled by what you do today, so, make it count.

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Even though it makes no sense... Believe it anyway!

Posted 9/14/2019

We live in a society that puts limits on us. We live in a world that, if we let it, dictates the choices we make and the actions we take. We live in a time when logic, reasoning and practicality plays too large a part in the things we believe, and, the results we end up with. You are not going to get what you want or deserve, you are going to get what you believe. You will not be successful because of what you know, where you come from or what makes sense, your success is about what you believe. Your intelligence, talent and natural ability will not guarantee high achievement, what you believe and are prepared to do, will. I want to encourage you to stop listening to other people, stop thinking logically and rationally, and starting believing that you are good enough, then, see what happens.

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Every wave... Starts with a ripple!

Posted 9/7/2019

Everything that is massive in the world, started with something very small. Every tall skyscraper, started with one brick. Every best-selling book started with one word. Every billion dollar business started with one idea. Every catastrophic natural disaster started with one small movement of air or earth. Every wave that crashes in on the shore, began with one small ripple. So, as I sit on this flight to the USA for the month of September 2019, I have a mission. My mission is to initiate a ripple that will turn into a wave of wellness around the world.

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Unless you're ready for the truth... Don't read this!

Posted 8/31/2019

What are you doing? Why are you reading? Stop now! If you keep reading, I can’t be held responsible for what happens in your life. I would, however, take some credit if you do keep reading, are willing to accept responsibility and actually take some uncomfortable action. Is that what you want? I just want to make sure before you venture out into open waters, you know what you’re in for.

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