In 2011, Geneviève Pépin got her dream job. She thought to herself, ”Starting today, I am waking up knowing that I am working toward saving the world.”  She gave it everything she got. A year later, she resigned. She was crying in the shower, developed an eating disorder, and didn’t want to get out of bed anymore. Enough!

She was lucky to be offered another dream job opportunity right after. New job, new life! She had a supportive boss, was working with awesome people, and loved her job. She worked hard and climbed the ladder and was on top of the world. In 2014, things started going south, again. Her anxiety levels were off the charts, she often worked until midnight, her eating disorder was getting stronger, and she  found myself crying, alone in my city-center apartment more often than not. 

Within 60 days she had moved to a different continent – and as soon as she got her work visa, was offered a great management job opportunity. This was late 2015. New country, new language, new colleagues, new job, new life! She was determined to succeed. In 2017, her stress levels were higher than ever, her eating disorder was replaced by other self-harming behaviors, she didn’t care about her job anymore and was coming home crying. She quit. 

She then got into entrepreneurship and was determined to create the real change she wanted to see in the world. New boss (her), new industry, new lifestyle, new life! She was glued to her computer and gave it everything I got, and you guessed it, after the honeymoon phase passed, her health and happiness started going south. Again. Then things finally changed for Geneviève as she finally realised the one thing in common with each period of burnout, was her and her mindset. She then went about to change her life, and in the process is changing lives all around the world. If you want to overcome overwhelm and burnout and banish the word ‘busy’ then this is a conversation you must hear.

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