Elerrina McPherson had a dream from an early age to be on the radio. After being told she would need to get a four year degree in journalism, which she rejected, she looked for another way. After being noticed doing voice over work, she was offered a volunteer role at Juice 107.3FM on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and she jumped at the opportunity. Little did she know how long it would take for her to get her break and start her career.

On the journey to achieve this powerful dream, she had to survive with no income for eighteen months, deal with the negative opinions of many people and her own limiting beliefs. She stayed strongly committed to her dream, kept believing and kept working and predictable she made it happen. She now loves her life, entertaining and making a positive difference in many lives.

In this conversation you will discover what she did to make her dream a reality, and you will also hear from a joyful, passionate and a wonderful person. I loved getting Elerrina on the other side of the mic. This is a powerful, inspiring and entertaining conversation you do not want to miss.

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