Helen Mac has been inspiring and empowering people for many decades. She is the author of two books, has contributed to another four, is a professional speaker, empowering trainer and passionate coach. Her message is strong and clear and it is that optimism is where we need to be, if living our best life is the goal. She explained to me the difference between optimism and positive thinking, and it was very powerful.

Helen’s resolve and message of optimism was severely tested when her husband of 30 years, Lachlan, became very ill and passed away only four years ago. As she was describing this heartbreaking journey, she also inspired me with the passion and love she and Lachlan had for each other. I was spellbound as she explained how they went about making sure Lachlan left as he chose to go and Helen lived her life after he had gone. I discovered one thing for sure: optimism is not just what Helen talks about, it is how she lives her life. 

Helen’s process for an optimising life is simple and empowering, and I know it will impact every single person who listens and acts of her four step process. She has transformed her life, her business and is now re-married and blissfully happy. This is a powerful, inspiring and wonderful conversation you do not want to miss.

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