It was on Channel 10’s My Market Kitchen that her dream first came true, taking the program’s audience on a journey from farm to fork. Fast forward to today, where cooking remains a huge part of her life. It’s how she shares special moments with loved ones and nothing brings her more joy than inspiring others to find health & happiness through food.

With almost two decades of experience across the public health, food production, food manufacturing and foodservice sectors, Jemma works with businesses to drive growth through health. For over a decade, she has worked in the media to bust nutrition myths and comment on topical nutrition matters, from the latest fad diet, to research breakthroughs and the big issues affecting the health of Australians. Her call out to all people, is to opt in to health at a time when it is increasingly more difficult to do so.

We get feisty and passionate in this conversation as we discuss the devastating effect of the AFL’s choice to use McDonalds as a sponsor and then use athletes to advertise products that can only cause harm to young Australians. In this podcast we are appealing to people to not just opt into optimal health, but to also speak out against the myriad of advertising and sponsorship that devastating lives all over the world. This is a conversation for every single person to hear.

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