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Andrew Jobling
Andrew Jobling was a non-academic footballer! He was working as a personal trainer with no time and no life until he ‘accidentally’ wrote his first book Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and be Lean & Healthy. Since that time he has written seven published books and his career has taken a surprising and wonderful path that has led him to time, money and a passionate purpose.

Pat Grosse
Author of The Intuitive Marketer, Pat works with private businesses and not-for-profits to identify new opportunities, raise funds through grants and focus on marketing strategies to get more clients. Pat was the energy behind a market leader in its niche for nearly 10 years before moving to Australia. A digital captive, Pat has experienced the impact of technology on marketing from even before the world wide web. Her book tells her story in the context of marketing and technology and includes checklists to give any new business the start they need to hit the deck running.

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Write - Publish - Profit!

Write a great book that real Publishers want and make serious Profit!


~ Funshop in Wodonga, Victoria

Are you a person:

  • with a story you want to tell?
  • who owns a business wants to gain more credibility, exposure & clients?
  • who has overcome a challenge and wants to inspire others to help them overcome their own?
  • who has always wanted to write, publish and profit from your book?

Have you ever wondered what it takes?

Have you ever doubted that you could do it?

Would you love to hold your own traditionally published book in your hands?

Can you imagine the feeling of being a successful author and living the life you have always dreamed about?


If you answered yes to one of more of those questions, then this funshop is just for you!

In just 3 inspiring and paradigm-shifting hours, you will learn:

  •  Exactly what it takes to be a best-selling author.
  •  That you can do it.
  •  What your book looks like, how to take the first step and how to get it written.
  •  The way to get traditionally published.
  •  The publishing pitfalls to be aware of.
  •  About marketing and publicising your book for profit.
  •  How to leverage your book, make money and create an amazing life!
  •  Beyond any shadow of a doubt that ... YOU ARE AN AUTHOR!

This is what some previous attendees have said about this funshop:

"We found this funshop rewarding and full of great information. It helped us put into perspective what becoming a successful author really takes. Through seeing other people's success, we left inspired to believe that we can also get the same results. It was an amazing day that I would recommend to any aspiring author."
David & June

"I found the session really valuable. It helped me with the motivation to keep writing, and, the sharing of ideas was particularly helpful. Andrew provides great encouragement and inspritation for us all."

"The beauty of the workshop, for me, was that it helped me take my dream to become an author, and, show me the steps and the support available to turn it into a successful reality. Thanks Andrew."

"The funshop was amazing. It gave me lots of ideas to work with and even different avenues I could go down. Ones I hadn't thought of before. It was inspiring to hear from successful authors, as to how they achieved their results. This event has helped me to develop more belief that I can create that same success. Thanks Andrew."


Here are the Funshop details:


    When: Wednesday, July 10, 6:00-9:00pm

Where: TAFE SPACE, 158 Lawrence Street, Wodonga, VIC 3690

Investment: $47... which includes; funshop, notes, light refreshments AND a 30-minute skype session (value $295) after the funshop to help you get started.

Early Bird Price - $37 (book by June 30)



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Are you ready to BE a published author and live the life you have always dreamed of?

That's great news ... see you for 'Write-Publish-Profit!'