My intention this week was to write a blog that had nothing to do with the global crisis we are currently experiencing. Clearly, I changed my mind, because, now more than ever, I feel like people need help to see the blessing, find the good and turn this time in history into one that is not just about surviving, but far more about thriving. With the right mindset, we can all use this time to launch us into a new, exciting and successful period of our lives, depending on what we choose. Many people, maybe even you, are choosing fear, panic and reactivity, but I want to encourage a different choice. Why not choose immunity!

I love the word ‘immunity.’ If you have ever watched Survivor, the greatest possession you can own in the game, is the immunity idol or necklace. Why? Because, it means you are protected, safe, secure and cannot be voted out. Every other player, without the idol, is vulnerable. This week, I want to show you where to find your immunity idol and how to win the immunity necklace, so that during this time in the game of life, you cannot be voted out or be vulnerable. The difference between what I will share with you right now, and the game of Survivor, is that in the TV game, once the immunity object is used, it’s gone. What you learn and apply from this blog will keep you protected, safe and secure forever. How does that sound?

The greatest fear people have at the moment is an infection of the Coronavirus. The reality is that the vast majority of people will never experience the sickness, however, everyone who lives in fear, panic and stress will experience a very different and far more dangerous infection which will impact their minds, bodies and lives. Of all God’s creations, your body is the most amazing miracle and is equipped with an immune system that will keep you protected, safe, secure, if you look after it. Are you ready to learn some simple steps to, turn on, power up and keep your immune system firing and protecting you, now and forever? If so, keep reading…

Mindset. If you understood that the thoughts and perspective you hold onto, create an emotional response that will have the greatest impact on your immune system, maybe you would look at things differently. The negative emotions; fear, panic, anxiety, anger, resentment and bitterness, to name a few, will immediately shut down your body’s immune system and leave you instantly vulnerable to all sorts of issues. So, how do we control our emotional state? Simply by being aware of how you are feeling, and, understanding that you control your emotions by the thoughts you chose to focus on. Now more than ever is the time to find the positive angle of what’s happening. Focus on the good, find the lessons and look for solutions. The best thing you can do, right now, is TURN OFF THE NEWS and stop reading newspapers! There are many more reliable and accurate places to stay informed and protect your precious mind.

Laughter. Is the best medicine. Hang around people who are positive and funny. Laugh at things, no matter how bad they may seem. Watch funny movies, tell jokes and look for the humour in everything. You can always find laughter, if you look for it, and it will significantly boost your immunity.

Nutrition. Now is the time to fortify your body with high quality, nutrient rich and immune fortifying foods. Yes, eating takeaway, processed and packaged foods may be easier, but do you want easy, or do you want joyful longevity? Eat lots of fruits and vegetable, of all five colours, every day. Take a quality plant based food supplement to ensure you have enough fortifying nutrients. Be deliberate to make good natural protein, carbohydrate and fat food choices. You know what they are, you don’t need me to tell you.

Gut Health. Did you know that 75% of your immune system is in your gut? The trillions of bacteria that live in your gut with either strengthen your immune syetsem and keep you safe, or destroy it and leave you vulnerable. It all depends on your emotional state, and, food intake. Positive mindset, natural foods and probiotic will build, whereas stress, processed foods and medication will destroy. Make good choices.

The things I have shared very briefly in this blog, if taken seriously, are not just reactions to the current crisis, but are habits, that if developed, will keep you strong, happy and healthy for the rest of your life. My book The Wellness Puzzle, is the best book you could read right now, as it covers all these areas in lots of detail. Please for your sake, and that of the people you care about, choose immunity.