In last week’s blog I touched on an epiphany I had whilst talking with the wonderful Fiona as she started on the journey to write her first book. She, like me and everyone else on the planet, has had her share of challenges in life. In fact, she walked into the meeting a little flat because of a situation she had just dealt with. We discussed it, we talked about the many things in life that seem undesirable, and words of wisdom somehow just flew out of my mouth, I said, ‘It’s not bad, it’s content for your book!’

I am in a stage of repetition at the moment. I go through these phases when I am led to share a particular message multiple times, because it’s a critical message. This week’s blog and my last two blogs have a very similar lesson. Just know, if I am repeating it, it’s important, so bear with me, ok? What do I mean by, nothing is bad, it’s just content? I mean, that upon reflection and with proper perspective, everything that happens in your life, can be seen as; funny, entertaining, inspiring and/or a powerful lesson. It’s really all in how you look at it, and whether you have the courage to reflect and see what good can come out of it.

I have written seven published books, my eighth is with publishers and I have just started my ninth. Let me tell you what the best and the most powerful content for these books has come from times in my life that were challenging, to say the least. My book Dance Until It Rains, is about the life, cancer journey and death of my mother. It was the most tragic and devastating time of my life, but, her story, the lessons I learned from her courage and her inspiration have made wonderful content for a book that is impacting lives more than fifteen years after she passed. In my book Accidental Author, most of the content that helped me and is now helping other people write and publish their own books came from the frustration and challenges of the process. Doubting myself, rejection after rejection from publishers and the many other seeming failures that has led to my wonderful success as an author.

In my book, Kicking On, the best content, entertainment and lessons came from adversity. Getting knocked out and carried off on a stretcher in my first senior game of football taught me resilience and the courage to get up and go again. Having to wait twenty months and overcome missing selection every single week between my first and second senior game of football taught me the power of patience, persistence and continuing to show up. Reading about being sacked from the football club in the newspaper helped me learn about attitude and was the catalyst for the change of direction in my career that led me to this point.

Can you see, why I get so excited when something unexpected and undesirable challenges me in my life? I now know that every adverse situation has come to challenge me, bless me, teach me and provide me with wonderful content for my next blog or book. Now, you may not want to write a book or blog, in which case the analogy of it being great content for your book is not an appropriate one. But, are you a parent who wants to inspire and influence your children in a positive direction? Are you a leader who wants to create a stronger and more resilient team? Do you want to improve yourself and live a wonderful life? If so, then just know this; nothing is bad, it’s all content for your next blog, book, talk, meeting, story or conversation. Your perspective of circumstances will determine the life you live, and, the ripple effect you have, so, enjoy the content you will be provided with this week.