Every day we face things that we don’t like, don’t want, or are not right. Whilst we may not choose those things, every day we get to choose what we do as a result of them. It may not be your fault, it may be out of your control, and it may be very tempting to start blaming and complaining. I have a very simple message for you this week, if it’s not right, fix it!

I have now been in my new home just over one week, and I love it. However, everyday I am finding things that are not ideal and not right. I have to admit, I have been very tempted to get cranky, start blaming other people and complain about these things. However, I know that will never change anything, other than turning me into a person whose own ass I’d want to kick!

In the first week I started moving stuff in, I noticed water on the floor in the laundry, after careful reflection and a few days of observation I found water leaking through the ceiling. When I connected my washing machine up for the first time, and turned on the tap, again, water was leaking. I thought I had fixed it until I woke up the next morning to find a flooded laundry floor. Then soon after, I realised the dishwasher was also leaking onto the kitchen floor after each cycle. So, I started thinking; what is it with this place and water?

My initial thought was, this is not fair, the previous owner should not have passed the home to me with these issues. I started getting angry, as you do when you believe you have been wronged. Then I stopped and thought, maybe I should have done more thorough inspecting of the property and appliances before signing the contract. The second I removed blame and took responsibility for my own home; I knew I had to fix these things. So, I got into action. I called my friend the plumber, who came and fixed the washing machine. I contacted the Body Corporate who arranged a plumber to fix the roof leak. I have contacted the dishwasher supplier and the process is in motion to get that fixed.

As I sit here writing this, rain thudding against my roof, and, no more leak, I am feeling empowered, in control and ready to fix the next thing that is not right. Here is my question to you. What is not right in your life? As you ponder on that, let me ask you another more confronting question. Are you blaming something or someone, are you complaining about it, or are you in the process of fixing it, no matter who or what is at fault? The answer to this question will tell you who is actually in control of your life, you or someone else.

I think we are all guilty of resorting to the default position of blaming and complaining. The problem is that, whilst it may give some short-term comfort or justification, it will never change anything. So, if you want things to get better, you need to take responsibility and action. If you really want to be challenged and inspired, then I encourage you to listen to this week’s podcast called, Step out and thrive, with Bethany Boring. Born with severe physical issues, including, sight loss, hearing loss, heart problems and limb deformity, it would have been very easy for Bethany to submit to her adversity and blame her situation for lack of joy and fulfilment in her life. Instead, she is the epitome of taking control of her life and is one of the most joy-filled and inspiring people I have ever met.

No matter what you may be facing right now, start taking action to fix it. It may not be as easy as calling a plumber, but the solution is simple. Start by taking full responsibility for where you are at, and go from there. Every positive and permanent change starts with the first step, however, there is a condition on that first step. It has to be taken now. Yes, now. The second you stop reading this blog, do something. If you say to yourself, I will do it later or I will do it tomorrow, it will never happen. Do you know why? What is later and where is tomorrow? Do you realise they are not even real. Later is fiction and tomorrow is fantasy. Have you ever existed in ‘later’ or ‘tomorrow’? No, of course not, because when later comes around it is now, when tomorrow is supposed to occur it is today.

This means one thing and one thing only. All you have, and all you will ever have is now and today. Is it your health that needs fixing? Is it your relationship that is damaged? Is your financial situation in disrepair? Do you want things to be better in any area? If you answered yes, then you are ready. All you have to do, when something is not right, is simply take responsibility and fix it, starting right now.