I met Patrick Bonello in the 1990’s when I was personal trainer and he was reading news on TripleM radio in Melbourne. So, I used to hurt him and then he paid me for it! Since that time Patrick has successfully done a diverse range of things which have ultimately led him to a ‘Tree Change’ move to the small community of Ballan, an hour out of Melbourne. It is here he runs his wonderful design business, teaches Tai Chi and basically runs the world.

Patrick, like many of us, has had his fair share of challenges, but he has followed his heart, had the courage to chase his dreams and is now living his best life. As a result of the opportunities created by the Coronavirus, Patrick, with his increadible web design skills and heart for people, has launched a website that offers Tai Chi at home, for free.

In this podcast, you will laugh and cry at Patricks stories, you will be engrossed in what he has to say and you will learn from his wisdom. He truly is a living example of someone who is on the journey to living a life of joyful longevity. This is a podcast you do not want to miss.

Patrick can be contacted through  www.genesisfxcom.au

His free Tai Chi website is www.taichiathome.com.au

I want to thank  the team at BestBeing for sponsoring this podcast. they can be found at www.bestbeing.com .