Craig Harper and I go back many decades and he is a great friend and former business partner of mine. He is a powerful speaker, prolific  author, popular radio presenter and host of globally acclaimed the ‘You Project’ podcast. We are back together in this podcast with a mission to help you do things differently in 2022. We re-coined the well-worn, over-used and less-than-effective phrase ‘News Years Resolution’, to the new-and-improved ‘New Years Restitution’.

The definition of restitution is: The act of restoring to the rightful owner something that has been taken away, lost, or surrendered. We have all had things taken away, lost or surrendered and then we try to compensate by striving, pushing and fighting for external achievement in the hope that it will help us feel better about ourselves. Well, that’s me anyway! For me, being a professional athlete, having an athletic body, being and author or the other things I achieved never worked to help me feel worthy. That is why I needed restitution. My feeling is that many people feel the same.

Craig shares his incredible insights into building the inner person, through focussing on values, identity and the things that bring joy. Life is to be lived and loved, and when we remove the rubbish that society expects of us and follow our own path, then loving life becomes a very real option. It is my greatest desire that you will immerse yourself into this conversation with Craig Harper and get all the wisdom that he has to share.

Craig can be found on his website and Instagram

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