There are some of us who are shy, introverted, and, maybe don’t even like socialising or connecting with other people. That was me, and still is to a certain extent. Always much happier at home, in front of the TV and in my comfort zone, than out meeting and talking to people. Whilst, I still find it uncomfortable, I am much more focussed and determined to connect with new people. Why? Well, as you can see from the picture below; if you ever see a turtle on a fencepost, there is one thing you know for sure… it didn’t get there on its own!
As I look back over my life, and things I am grateful for and blessed to have achieved, I can see one thing in common with all of them. Whether it was my professional sporting career, my fitness industry career, my success as an author or the other wonderful things I am able to do today, I know very clearly, I didn’t do any of them alone, and, I could never have done any of them without the help, support and power of other people.

I am in a zone right now, and on a mission to create a wave of wellness all around the world. I am agitated by how sick the world is becoming; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and, I want to make a difference globally. I have a lofty aspiration, a large vision, and an uncertain path, but there is one thing I know for sure. That is, I can’t do it alone. It will take many people, with a shared vision and I need to be willing to reach out, connect and inspire others to action.

I am excited to be heading to the USA next week for the month of September to launch my new book, The Wellness Puzzle, share my message and start the ripple that will lead to the wave I am hoping for, and, aspiring towards. This large vision was formed a couple of years ago, with myself and a great friend of mine, Deb, in St Louis, USA. We started talking about the trip, the people we could reach out to and the impact we could have. Since that time, with the help of Deb, for whom I will be forever grateful, and my willingness to connect with amazing people all around the world, I am blessed to have an exciting plan and full schedule for the month of September. I will be visiting, California, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Washington State.

The most wonderful part of this trip is that, when we started working on it, we had no idea what shape it would take or where I would end up, with the exception of St Louis, MO. It was a dream with a mixture of faith and the power of connecting with amazing people that has turned an idea, and a dream into a plan that excites me more than you can know. I am certain, that even when I am there, I will meet more people and many more doors will open to help me to continue my mission of creating this wave of wellness.

It happened one connection at a time…

So, how did it happen? It all started with a burning desire to want to make a difference. This vision was followed by a massive fear about how it could possibly happen. I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I then started making connections, one person at a time. Deb was working away in the USA and I was on the job here in Australia. My greatest ally, over the last 12 months, has been my existing network and the LinkedIn platform. I started looking through profiles and sending messages to people who I thought may be open to join me on the journey. Over time, the connections were made, conversations had started, and, collaborations were happening.

Through one LinkedIn connection, I met an amazing lady, Danna Lewis, in the San Francisco Bay area, and we are running a wellness event together on September 5. As the result of a fabulous man, I have been associated with for several years, Fred, just out of San Jose, I am running a writing event on September 7. On LinkedIn I met the amazing Sonia Barrett in LA, who has agreed to interview me on her radio show on September 9. Through LinkedIn, again, I met Greg Sellar, another Aussie living in LA and doing incredible things. We have collaborated on a life-changing event together on September 12. So, somehow 10 days in California have come together beautifully, because of the power of great people.

Through another connection on LinkedIn with the fabulous Michelle Smith, in St Louis, I have met a variety of incredible people who have opened doors, made introductions and led me to collaborating on several fabulous events that I can’t wait to be a part of. For the last years, I have been working with an amazing family, Heather, Lynn and Randy, on their book. they have convinced me to come and spend time with them in Pittsburgh. Together, we are arranging a variety of new events. Finally, through a fellow Australian, Dr Allan Meyer, who is co-incidentally in the USA at the same time as me, we will be presenting an event for men just out of Seattle.

As I look at my schedule for the USA, I am excited, amazed and stunned at how it has all come together so beautifully. It started with a dream and a vision, and, then conversation with Deb. The rest has happened one person at a time. The pebble was dropped into the pond, the ripple began, and the wave is now forming. It is all possible – in fact, anything is possible – with the power of people. As much I believe in myself, trust my message and want to make a difference, the only way it is, or, can ever be possible is with wonderful people who come on the journey, to help me, support me and collaborate with me.

As you toil away at; making a living, striving for your dreams, providing for your family, achieving your goals and creating your destiny, please look to the power of people to help you make it happen. Who, in your existing circle of influence, can you reach out to? How can you go about meeting people who can help? What social media platforms can you leverage to meet great people? Who can you help in their lives, so they are more open to help you? Who can you find with a like-mind to collaborate and share your load and burden? There are more than 7 billion people on the planet. When you only tap into a handful of them, you won’t believe what is possible.

Multi-billionaire, John D. Rockefeller said many years ago, “I would rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” He understood; the power of a team, the power of leverage and the power of people. As you strive to get to the top of your own fence post, just know, like the turtle, you can’t get there on your own. Put your pride in your pocket and be open to the help of others, and, understand and believe in the incredible power of people.