Right now in 2020, the greatest issue gripping the world is not the Coronavirus, but the stress, anxiety, uncertainty and mental health issues it is causing. Sara Picken-Brown has generously offered a wonderful solution to help you more effectively deal with challenges, stress and uncertainty through her regular fabulous guided meditation skills. 

Sara has achieved incredible success in her life, as a dancer, body builder, fitness professional and now as a yogee and meditation guide. In this short podcast, Sara guides the first meditation of this series, and will be focussing on awareness of our breath and body.It is a great way to spend 10 minutes and gain clarity, peace and lightness.

Since Sara has found yoga and meditation, she now teaches it, runs retreats, delivers programs and helps people all around the world live their best possible life. Please enjoy this extended breathwork meditation podcast and get on board each session of ‘Meditation with Sara.’

Sara can be found on social media as Figure Genie and her website is www.valetudoretreats.com

I want to thank  the team at BestBeing for sponsoring this podcast. they can be found at www.bestbeing.com .