With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the health and fitness industry, Spencer Aiken has honed his skills in various aspects of fitness training and business management. Over the last decade, he has been actively involved in teaching fitness and business-related topics, enriching the knowledge of numerous fitness professionals.

Spencer has had a profound impact on the fitness community, having educated more than 1000 trainers on how to become successful personal trainers and entrepreneurs within the industry. His passion for helping others achieve their goals and find fulfillment in their careers is evident in his teaching approach.

Recognized for his expertise, Spencer Aiken, CSCS serves as a national presenter for SHAPE America, a prestigious organization in the field of health and physical education. Additionally, he is a sought-after multi-state presenter for Physical Education, sharing his insights and experiences with educators across different regions.

As a seasoned fitness entrepreneur, Spencer has owned and directed multiple fitness center locations. This experience has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of logistics, scheduling, personnel management, and budgeting, essential skills in building successful fitness enterprises.

Spencer’s dedication to fitness education extends beyond traditional fitness centers. He successfully established a fitness after-school program at Valley Horizon Elementary School in Yuma, AZ, contributing to the well-being and health of young students.

With a diverse range of experiences and a continuous thirst for learning, Spencer Aiken is well-equipped to tackle any business endeavor in the fitness industry. His passion, knowledge, and commitment to empowering others make him an invaluable asset to the fitness community.

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