For the last ten years or so, I have been far more attentive to my financial situation. Before that, not so much. I found myself in a precarious financial position more than once. Now, I track my income and expenses, I control my spending, and I am consistent with depositing into my savings account. It is such a great feeling to make a deposit, isn’t it? It helps me feel in control and that my financial situation is getting stronger every day. We don’t have to limit making deposits only to those we make into a bank account. What if you made daily deposits into other areas of your life?

I was walking home the other morning after a rather strenuous workout, and as I thought about the session, I smiled. I thought to myself, thank goodness that is done, no-one can take that from me. I have made a large deposit into my fitness and health account. I want to urge you to think about the words you speak, the things you do, and the choices you make every day as deposits into or withdrawals out of an account. Your bank account, your relationship account, your wellbeing account, your joy account, or any other account you can think of.

For much of my life I have been withdrawing, instead of depositing and, without realising what I was doing, was becoming broke in different areas of my life. Let me tell you, broke is not fun, whether that is broke financially – been there, broke relationally – been there, or broke in any other way – been there! Three marriages and divorces is not something I wanted, however, I chose them because of the things I did, without even realising, that were emptying the love account.

I know for a fact that a relationship is not strengthened or broken overnight. It is strengthened on a daily basis with each deposit into the love account and weakened with each withdrawal. Each time I worked late, I made a withdrawal. Each time I held in my feelings and kept quiet, I made a withdrawal. Each time I chose TV over doing something together, I made a withdrawal. And so on it goes, until the account is empty, the love is gone, and the relationship is broken beyond repair.

I have since learned that there are many ways to make love deposits into the relationship account. Each loving, supporting, and affirming word makes a deposit. Each act of loving touch and intimacy makes a deposit. Each thoughtful gift makes a deposit. Each act of service makes a deposit. Each moment of quality time spent together makes a deposit. Day-by-day, the love account can be filled, strengthened, and impenetrable. For more information on this, I encourage you to read a book called The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman.

What about your health & wellbeing? Are you primarily depositing, or withdrawing? Every time you hit snooze, you withdraw from your wellness account, but each morning you get up, feel like it or not, and exercise, you make a deposit. Each food or beverage choice you make or don’t make, is either filling or depleting your wellness account. Every time you deal with a situation, depending on your response, you are either filling or depleting your wellness account. Can I ask you to think very carefully, and act very deliberately in this area? Your life is worth it.

If you can consider every thought, word, or action you take as either a deposit or withdrawal into your life account, then it will help you be more deliberate with your choices. The more you deposit, the greater the compound effect of wonderful return you will receive. Just like an interest-bearing account you deposit money into will grow exponentially, so too will other deposits you make. Show kindness to people, and kindness will come back to you in abundance. Look after your wellbeing on a daily basis and the things you can do, the people you can help, and the joy in your life will explode. Show love every single day in your relationships, and you will experience the greatest pleasures possible on this planet. That is to love and be loved.

In my podcast this week, with the amazing Adam Wallace called Behind the goal, we discuss many things that are necessary to accomplish goals. The greatest influence ensuring that any goal comes to fruition are the daily deposits you make in that area every single day. Just know, you have more to give than you can possibly imagine. All you need to do is take what you know, who you are, and what you have, and make a small deposit into your love account, bank account, wellbeing account, and joy account every single day. Then delight in the exponential abundance that comes back to you as a result.