Marie Alessi begun her Coaching Journey in 2011. A choice that equipped her with tools she never thought she’d need to deal with life’s biggest adversity thrown at her. After the unexpected tragedy of losing her husband in June 2018, she was immediately able to draw on her inner resources, tap into powerful love, draw from her husband’s strength and find empowerment that helped her move from grief to growth in a very short period of time.

Marie shared her experience in a book called “Loving Life after Loss”. When it hit the top 100 list in Australia on day one, she realised she had something the world needed. Only months later she founded a global Movement with the same title, as this is what her life is all about: Loving Life after Loss! Using her signature strengths & inner guidance, she found and created her way back to JOY in a way that now ripples massive impact around the world.

I was mezmerised as I listened to Marie in this podcast. She is real, raw and vulnerable and her unique approach to grieving will transform many lives as they deal with any type of loss in their lives. Trust me, this is an honest and inspiring podcast you do not want to miss.

Mariecan be found on her website at and on Facebook at Loving Life After Loss.

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