As I launch my newest book, The Wellness Puzzle, I’m excited because I know, deep in my heart, it will change the lives of the people who read it, are open to the ideas it presents and act on the things that relate to them. I’ve had a strong belief for quite a while, and, it’s the main reason I wrote the book. I believe there is so much devastating sickness, disease, obesity, depression, allergies, mental health issues and all of the other conditions, in this current day, for one main reason. Now, I know people don’t want to be unhealthy, and I know people are more proactive now than ever. So the question is, why are we getting sicker, fatter and less healthy? I believe it’s because we are looking for the solutions in the wrong places.
I have spoken about Paul in previous blogs. In 2018, Paul weighed 125kg, was on the verge of stroke, was on blood pressure and cholesterol medication, and, was told by his doctor he would never be healthy and would need to be on these medications forever. Obviously, he didn’t want to be unhealthy and he very much wanted to change. So, he tried other things and spoke to other people, but, was unable to achieve his goals. Why? Simple, he was looking for the answers in the wrong places. Now, these places are going to seem logical to you, but we have to look at the results we are getting to provide evidence that they are effective, or not.

Paul joined a gym, got a program and then was left, pretty much, to his own devises. He did the best he could, and, was able to lose a few kilograms, but couldn’t keep it off or see any significant improvement in his wellbeing. He asked other people, maybe not the right people, for their opinions, and, he got them. Opinions that is, not necessarily the right advice. He even asked his doctor, whom many would consider the right person to ask about improving wellbeing. Well, his doctor told him to lose weight – der – and not to worry because the cholesterol and blood pressure medication, he was on FOREVER, would help. His doctor didn’t tell him what the long-term impact and side-effects of these medications actually were, neither did his doctor tell him that, whilst on synthetic pharmaceuticals, optimal wellbeing was never going to be an option.

I know what I’m about to say may ruffle some feathers, but I want you to know the truth. I really do love doctors and I respect them for what they do, however, most of them are the wrong people to ask about creating optimal wellbeing. The gym was the wrong place for Paul to look, as were the random people he was asking to get their ideas. The other wrong places and solutions are; most lifestyle magazines, diet & weight loss companies, meal replacement shakes, diets, exercise equipment, and dare I say it, even some – not all – ‘health & wellbeing’ practitioners. Yes, I know, this is controversial.

Look no further, the answer is you.
The answer lies not in the food you are eating, or should be eating, or, the exercise you are doing, or should be doing, because you already know what to do. You already have the answers and hold the solutions for your own optimal wellbeing. I’ve asked it before and I’ll ask it again; you really know what you should and shouldn’t be doing, when it comes to your own health, don’t you? Yes, there are tips and ideas you will get from the right people, there are nutritional supplements needed and specific exercises required for you to move forward towards optimal wellbeing, But, none of these matter if you don’t; follow the plan, take the supplements or do the exercise. Right?

So, I know you’re asking, ‘So, where is the right place to look for optimal wellbeing?’ The answer is simple, in the six inches between your ears, and, five inches within your heart. The answer lies in your thinking, and, how your thoughts impact your feelings. From there, you will act on the things you already know, and, any answers you need will come to you. Let’s go back to Paul. He always had the answers and solutions inside of him, he just didn’t know it, nor did he know how to access them. That may be the same for you. Up until now, you are actually the problem, but from today onwards you can be the solution.

Paul had wanted to be healthier for a while before it happened. It was in his head, but not in his heart. The second it moved from his head to his heart, everything changed. For Paul, it was his family, and, particularly his grandchildren. Up until recently, they had never asked him to play active games with them because they knew he would say no or be unable to. He wanted to do many things with the people he cared about, but until recently couldn’t. Even just before Christmas 2018, when he had lost almost 35kg (equivalent to the meat you see him standing near in this picture), halved his blood pressure medication and was off Cholesterol medication, he thought he’d be on forever, he still had trouble verbalising what motivated him to take this journey.

He spoke with me at a meeting I was talking at, and I asked him, what prompted him to come and ask me for help. It was hard for him to verbalise it, but he didn’t need to because the tears in his eyes, when he spoke about his children and grandchildren, said it all. With that powerful emotion and strong desire, he was hungry (pardon the pun) for the right information and committed to do the things he knew he should be doing. The result for Paul, was that in a six-month period he was able to achieve what he never previously thought possible, and what the doctors had told him would never happen. All because he started looking for optimal wellbeing in the right places.

The wellbeing you have today and will have in the future, lies not in gyms, magazines, medical opinions, or other people’s opinions, but in your own mind. I love the word mindset, because with work, practice and focus you can set your mind to take you in any direction and achieve any outcome you desire. However, without deliberate focus, your mind will be set to take you in a direction you will one day regret. So, I encourage you to start spending deliberate time in the space that will give you everything you want, your brain. You get to choose your thoughts, your thoughts will help you create powerful emotions that will move you to positive actions, and, the actions will help you create habits that will lead you to optimal wellbeing.

The answers you need, and, the places to find them to be a happy, healthy and prosperous person, are right there for you. Stop blaming external circumstances for your problems and stop looking for other people for the answers. When you spend some time in your mind exploring what you really want, and then move into your heart to discover how it will feel, then things will change for you. From today onwards, make sure you spend time looking for optimal wellbeing, and success in life, in the right places. To get a copy of my newest book; click here.