Look at the picture, and what do you see? Really? Are you sure you don’t want to look again? Do you see something different when you look closer, or is it what you saw the first time? Is it a rabbit, is it a duck or is it some other type of creature? You and I are looking at the same picture, but may see something different, just as in life. We may be looking at the same scenario, but seeing something very different. Let me tell you this; what you see will play out in your life, so, depending on the circumstance, you may want to look again.

Are you a glass-half-empty, a glass-half-full, or a glass-ain’t-no-where-near-big-enough type of person? Why is it, when looking at the same picture or the same situation, we can often see very different things? Why is it that when a relationship comes to an end, one person can only see rejection and heartbreak, whilst another person can see an opportunity to learn, grow and meet a better match? Why is it when facing a significant financial crisis, one person sees devastation and doom, when another sees opportunity? Why is it when someone gets a rejection from a publisher for their book they give up, whilst another celebrates? Simple, it’s all how we see the picture based on the perspective we are looking at it through.

I love the word ‘Perspective’. In the Cambridge Online Dictionary, it’s defined as; a particular way of considering something. By definition, perspective means that we get a choice as to how we consider something. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it good or bad luck? Is it a wake-up call? Is it unfair? Is it a great lesson? It is, actually, however you choose to look at it, based on your perspective. So, consider this; if how you perceive something will determine how you respond and how you respond will either positively or negatively impact your life, is it worth paying attention to the following quote; Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path?

Is being help up in traffic inconvenient, or is it giving you more time to listen to an inspiring audio? Is the fight you had with your partner another reason why they don’t understand you, or is it an opportunity to learn more about them and improve the relationship? Is the fact that you put on weight, on your ‘diet’ a sign that you are a failure, or is a sign that there may be a better way? It’s all about how you look at things, and how you look at things will define your life.

I have not always been able to see the positive side of things, but I am grateful that I can do it easily now. This week I was driving home when, all of a sudden, I heard a sound coming from my front wheel. I thought it maybe a flat tyre, so I stopped at the next service station to look. I got out of the car, looked at the front tyre and all the other tyres, and, none were flat. There was nothing else hanging off the car that could be making the noise I heard. Then, I had a closer look at the front tyre and found the problem. I had driven over a screw, and the washer, and it was stuck in my tyre. I believe it was because of the washer, that all air stayed in the tyre. Lucky!!

I could have been angry, frustrated or annoyed, but instead, I saw opportunity. Right next to the service station was a Bob Jane T-Mart. Again, lucky!! I drove in, to not just get my tyre fixed, but, to meet someone who I could connect with and talk to about my business. I met a lovely lady who helped me get my tyre fixed, charged me nothing for it and who is now interested to find out more about what I do. I could have seen an inconvenient punctured tyre, but I saw an opportunity, and that is exactly how it played out. I got what I saw. This week I want to encourage you to look again, if you need to, and decide to see something that will bless your life.