If you listened to episode 98, The third dimension, you will know all about the wonderful Shaun Hart. After battling with many years of pressure to perform as an elite athlete to form his identity, he discovered the third dimension of life that helped him move from performance based identity to identity based performance. He spoke about the six elements that make up third dimension living and help us find ultimate joy in life: identity, purpose, significance, value, character and self-worth.  

After the podcast, I had a conversation with Rosina Mrauk, a long-term client and great friend of mine. She was very impacted, and could see how these principles couple help her overcome struggles she has had for many years. I suggested she join Shaun and I for another podcast, and whilst hesitant, she said yes. Let me tell you, Rosina is the star of this show! Her incredible openness to share her struggles will inspire many people, and the transformation that you will witness before your very ears will give you hope that things can change very quickly. All it takes is a simple shift in focus.

Shaun guides this conversation and takes Rosina through a process that leads her into third dimension living. There were tears all around in this podcast, and I want to encourage you to not just listen, but notice what is happening within you as you listen to this wonderful interaction. Trust me when I say this is a conversation not to be missed.

To connect with Shaun, send him an email: shaunhartcoach@gmail.com 

To connect with Rosina, send her an email: rosinamrauk@hotmail.com

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