Lachlan Winter  is director of Abilitive Pty Ltd an NDIS registered provider for support work, support coordination and allied health services. I am also a practicing Accredited Exercise Physiologist. His passion is around the concept of physical freedom. He believes the human body is capable of so much more than almost all of us give it credit for. It is his aim to spread that belief. This message comes from Lachlan’s own lived experience of many extremes from professional athlete to decrepit and bed bound with illness and to his current state of a more balanced being.

Standing at a height of 7 feet (213cm) tall, Lachlan has spend many years of his life pursuing high achievement. He chased a professional basketball career, with the goal of being the best ever. He chased control over his circumstances after being bullied at school for his height. And for well over a decade, he chased optimal wellbeing after being stuck with the debilitating Crohn’s disease.

At his lowest point point, and on the edge of life, he weighed only 60kg, when the normal weight for his height was 120kg. It was a relenting and heart-breaking journey looking for answers that finally led him to letting go of his need to have all the answers. After surrendering to the help of others and trusting that all would be okay, he finally found the answers that helped him regain his health and his life. This is a compelling and passionate podcast that you do not want to miss.

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