Throughout his journey, Andy Lingfield has worn many hats – from a seasoned business leader to professional singer to visionary entrepreneur. The chapters of his life aren’t solely defined by successes, but also his setbacks. These diverse roles and experiences have endowed him with a treasure trove of insights that he is eager to share. 

His mission extends far beyond his personal story; it’s about guiding you towards unlocking your own good luck. His unshakable belief is that greatness resides within each of us, waiting to be harnessed. He has dedicated himself to this mission by creating courses that blend practical wisdom with boundless inspiration. Whether it’s in the boardroom or on theatre stages, he’s proven his adaptability time and again. 

His talent for troubleshooting and sage counsel has earned him recognition as a sought-after strategist in professional circles and a trusted confidant in personal spheres. His life took a fascinating turn when he was lucky enough to achieve his childhood dream of singing professionally. This happened almost like magic – which many would see as extremely good luck. He was spotted on a national TV show watched by 9 million viewers. However this wasn’t just by chance! In his world, luck isn’t a random occurrence – it’s a skill that can be honed. 

Beyond the spotlight, he is a certified coach, CIPD qualified and a master practitioner of NLP. His achievements underscore the unwavering conviction that we can indeed shape our own luck. What truly distinguishes him is his passion for helping others navigate the intricate deck of life’s cards. He has deciphered the good luck code to tip the odds in your favour, reshaping your beliefs and sharpening your intuition to spot opportunities where others perceive only chance. He is not here to be an expert on high but a fellow traveller. Your guide, your mentor and your partner in embracing life’s twists and turns. This is a wonderful conversation and in it Andy and I discuss the power within you to deal your own cards and stack the deck in your favour.

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