Ilea Worsfold is now an exercise scientist, researcher, author and content creation specialist. She has experience in representing the interests of organisations that operate across the health, fitness, wellness and technology fields. She loves delivering research driven, innovative, unique and engaging advice to her brands that inspires their customers on their wellness journey. 

It has been an interesting journey for her to get to this place in her life, to loving her career, helping many people, married to a the man of her dreams, and with two beautiful children. It is a dream life, and she got there by following her intuition and taking one leap of faith after another. This does not mean it was easy, but it does give evidence to the power of trusting the gut feelings we all have, but often ignore.

When asked, as a child, what she wanted to do when she grew up, Ilea said, ‘I want to be a lawyer so I can buy a BMW’. She never became a lawyer, nor did she buy a BMW (yet). Instead she followed her gut and her first leap of faith led her to working in fraud investigation. After a while, she realised this was not her path and so started her own business doing what she is doing now. On the way, with many spontaneous actions, she has found herself exactly where she needs and wants to be in life. This is a conversation I believe every person needs to hear, and after listening I want to encourage you to take a leap of faith. 

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