Many people want to enjoy the prize without paying the price. In fact, I think I would have to say, we all fit into that category to some degree, wouldn’t you? I mean, don’t we want to enjoy the view from the top, without the effort it takes to get there? If you disagree with that statement then let me ask you this; when is the last time you took an elevator to the top of a building, drove your car to the top of a hill or caught the cable car to a nice lookout? Maybe a better question would be – and you may need to stretch your memory – when was the last time you actually walked the stairs, the path, the track or the road to the top?

In 2018, I was on a European cruise, which stopped for a day in Gibraltar. As the ship neared the port, the great Rock of Gibraltar stood out like a beacon. All I could think about, whilst looking at it, was climbing that rock. As I googled, ‘climbing the Rock of Gibraltar’, there were lots of sites promoting the cable car, taxis, tours and other modes of transport to get people to the top, but not much on walking it. This was the case for obvious reasons, most people don’t walk it. In my mind, I was fixated on climbing that hill, and as you may know, when you decide to do something, you will always find a way.

Long story short, I found the track, started walking and not long into it, I discovered why most people take the cable car! But to me, the view was going to look so much better after I had conquered the great rock, so I just leaned into the hill and took one painful step at a time. Honestly, when you focus on the wonderful feeling you’ll experience when you arrive, and, just take one step at a time, then in no time at all you will be there. And, I was. And, I felt amazing. And, the view was awesome! I decided to reward myself with a cable car trip back down to the bottom. Incredibly, the queue to buy tickets to catch the cable car up the rock, was out the door and way up the street. I felt sorry for all of those people, as they missed one of the best feelings of achievement and fulfillment available. That is, leaning into the hill and working their way to the top.

As you may know, I am without a driver’s license for a few months after it was suspended because I accrued too many demerit points. Of the many alternate modes of transport available to me, one that I am using regularly is my bicycle. I am discovering far more hills around where I live than I was ever aware of. When you’re driving a car, you don’t notice. Recently, I was riding home after a walk with some great people, and one of them suggested I take the bike path along the freeway, as it is very scenic and pretty, so, I took her advice.

She was right, it was very scenic. What she hadn’t warned me about were the many ridiculously long and steep hills I would have to negotiate. I am a pretty stubborn and determined person, so as I approached a hill and could see many people walking their bikes up it, I made the decision to ride it, no matter how hard it would be. So, as I got to the hill and raised the gear, I leaned into the hill and with lungs almost bursting and legs about to explode, I inched my way to the top of the hill. I got there, gasping for air, but feeling incredibly proud of myself and very much enjoying the downhill glide that followed. Needless to say, I will be very weary of taking that route home again!

My point is this, we all love; the view from top of the hill or mountain, the joy of great relationships, the feeling of being lean, fit and functioning well, the privilege that money allows and  the feeling of success and achievement, yet we will never experience any of these things without a journey and the struggle of a hill to conquer. So, my advice is this; don’t run from the hill or look for an easier way. Lean into the hill and work your way to the top. Once you have done the work and achieved the outcome, you will be a better person, more confident, and happier in every respect.

In my podcast this week, ‘Warren the rabbit,’ I speak to the wonderful Craig Harper, about non-attachment, and letting go of this comfort-zone that may be holding you back from your best life. Please don’t shy away from the hill or the discomfort that confronts you this week. Embrace the work it takes to build a loving relationship. Welcome the discomfort of going through the daily process to regain or attain optimal wellbeing. Accept and enjoy the work required to create an abundant financial position. Appreciate the inconvenient actions required to write your book, learn something new or create something extraordinary. The reality is, nothing great will come knocking on your door, so, my greatest encouragement for you this week is to… lean into the hill, work hard to get to the top and then enjoy the view!