Dr Aneta Kotevski is a Principal Clinical & Health Psychologist who leads a growing and diverse private practice at Bluff Road Psychology in Sandringham. This flourishing practice is supported by a team of psychologists who utilise evidence-based treatment approaches assisting children, adolescents, and adults.  After completing her Doctorate in Health Psychology in 2008 at the University of Melbourne, Aneta‚Äôs interest in the relationship between mental and physical health led her to work in rehabilitation settings at various hospitals across Victoria.

Aneta is passionate about working with individuals presenting with chronic illness and psychological disorders, such as anxiety and depression.  Her client objectives are to help people understand the psychological and behavioural factors that impact on their disease outcomes, quality of life and wellbeing. This in turn assists people to develop coping skills and better ways to cultivate a rich and meaningful life. Aneta practices mindfulness for her own wellbeing, is a compassionate and collaborative therapist, and enjoys mentoring and clinically supervising psychologists in the profession. 

We discuss how she helps people go about the process of negotiating the fears, anxieties and insecurities in their lives to help them enjoy a better quality of living. Aneta encourages people to lean into the fear of change. In other words, she wants them to get excited about trying new things so as to enjoy the wonderful things that will happen in their lives as a result. I  know you will get a lot out of this podcast, so please… enjoy.

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