I was privileged to meet Bill Williamson in September 2019. At the time he was the senior pastor at a church in the beautiful town of Yakima, Washington, USA. Myself and Dr Allan Meyer were speaking at his church to a group of men. At that time Bill didn’t know of my struggles, and I didn’t know his. However, we were both ‘straining at the oars’ in life. As I was finishing my talk I asked, ‘if there is anyone who has it in their heart to write a book, let me know. Bill put up his hand and said, me!

Soon after, Bill started writing his book Straining at the Oars, and soon after that his world started to unravel. God was giving him content to make sure his book would be one that could truly help people, because it was written with real life experiences in heart and mind. His marriage ended, COVID saw his job as a pastor terminate, and very soon he found himself battling depression, as he bounced from state to state, home to home, and job to job. He was truly ‘straining at the oars’. He got through his struggles, published his book in 2023 and he says:

This book, although not originally intended to be so, comes from a lot of painful experiences and mistakes I am still learning and recovering from. However, this book also comes from the many blessings I continue to receive as I encounter Christ in my personal “storms of life” I pray that this book will be a blessing to you or someone you know who is straining at the oars. I have three wonderful adult daughters, two amazing sons-in-law, and four beautiful grandchildren. Unfortunately, as I wrote this book, I saw my marriage of 38 years come to an end. I have been a Christian for most of my life. That doesn’t mean my life has been easy. I have been an ordained pastor for most of my adult life. That certainly didn’t make life any easier for me either.

This is a wonderful conversation, with a courageous and inspiring man. It is one I know will fill you will hope and encouragement and give you strategies to help you lay down your oars and let the wind fill your sails. Enjoy

Find out more about Bill and his book on his website.