I met Brad McEwan when he was in his 20’s and just starting out in his media career. He was a fresh faced kid working on radio, and became a personal training client of mine back in 1999. The first time I met him, I knew he was destined for big things, and we have been good friends ever since, as I watched him rise through the ranks to become a well-known and much-loved Australian media personality.

Like everyone, Brad has faced challenges in life and he has faced them with a wonderful attitude and decision, no matter the circumstances, to find the positive and treat people with kindness. His initial experience with mental health trauma happened when he tragically lost both his Dad and his brother to suicide.  As the demands of a fulltime media career started to take their toll, Brad decided to take a leap of faith and totally change his direction to be at a place, right now, where he is loving life and living on-purpose.

Brad is a great story teller and, with passion and enthusiasm, talks about the experiences of his journey that have led him to this point where he can say, with no fear of contradiction, that if living a happy and healthy life of joyful longevity is the goal, kindness really does matter.

Brad can be contacted through his website – click here

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