Unlikely? Irrational? Unreasonable? Do it anyway …

From unlikely athlete to accidental author …

What stops most people is themselves … do you know what I mean? Something happens to us as we grow up and experience life, the opinions of influential people, our success and failure. We start to second-guess ourselves. We start to worry about what other people think. We start to fear failure and rejection. We stop taking risks and if we are not very careful, we stop really living life … we play it safe.

Those who Kick On in life make seemingly illogical decisions, overcome obvious obstacles, move forward against apparently overwhelming odds and achieve unlikely success … everyone can do that.

In this book, I talk about achieving unlikely success through; getting a vision, following some simple principles and persisting until the goal is achieved … no matter how illogical, unlikely or unreasonable it seems.

Believe in yourself more, think less, act anyway and … see what happens!

Believe in yourself more, think less, act anyway and … see what happens!

I was an unlikely athlete who somehow became a professional footballer. I was time-poor, broke, a non-reader and totally unqualified and I miraculously transformed myself into a bestselling author. My message is that you can follow your dreams and live your passion … no matter how unlikely it may seem. Enjoy this book, laugh at my stories, learn some lessons and take action. An amazing life is there waiting for you … the moment you decide to Kick On!

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