I think as humans, one of the biggest challenges we have is surrendering to trust. I also believe that it is the one thing that will most help us live the life of joyful longevity that is available to us all. So, as you read this blog, I hope that you will trust me for a few minutes.  I hope, as I discuss trust, you will let go of the fear, the scepticism, the cynicism, the suspicion and just trust that you are good enough. I believe when you trust, the answers will appear as you finally realise everyone and everything is in your life for the higher good.

I don’t know about you, but for much of my life I have had trouble trusting myself and my own judgement, and was often, in fact almost always, suspicious of people trying to help me. Even though that mistrust was happening, I would then get in my car and drive in traffic, not even thinking about it, but just trusting that the drivers coming the other way would stay on the correct side of the road. I would then shop online and, as I entered my credit card details, simply trust that my computer or bank account wouldn’t be compromised. Do you know what I am saying? Have you ever been to the doctor and just trusted what they are saying is right? Have you ever eaten food and trusted that the ‘best before’ date on the packaging is correct?

Think about the things you already blindly trust and then ask yourself this question. If I actually have the capacity to trust, why am I still holding myself back to get up, go out and create the life I truly want to live? When we drive our car, why do we just blindly trust that the other drivers on the road will do the right thing? On the flip side, when we want to create change in our lives, why don’t we trust ourselves and then refuse to even take the first step? It is critical to understand the answers to these two questions because they hold the key to everything you want in life.

Are you ready for the answers? I will talk from my perspective here and see if you relate. When I get in my car, all I am focussed on is where I want to go. I don’t give any brain time to what could potentially happen or what other drivers are doing. When I have an aspiration, or get an opportunity, all of a sudden, I start to think about why I can’t do it, what could potentially go wrong and why it won’t work. Are you with me? When I get into my head, my ability to just trust is switched off, and I go into over analysis. The key to trusting is to get out of your head and into action, with eyes focused on the destination.

In my life I have had trouble trusting myself to write a book, play professional sport, be a successful PT, run a successful business and maintain a successful relationship. In my life, I have also had trouble trusting others who said they wanted to help me or offered me an opportunity. The aspiration or the other person was never the problem. The problem was always my inability to let go of fear, doubt, scepticism and just trust. When, I finally did, incredible things happened. I realised I was good enough to play professional sport, become a bestselling author, run a successful business and enjoy happiness. I found that people are good, and when you trust them, they most often respond by being trustworthy and trusting you.

I hear you potentially asking two questions. What happens if I trust myself and then fail? What happens if I trust someone else and the betray that trust? Are you ready for the answer? Just trust anyway! I will tell you from experience, when you don’t trust and don’t take action, nothing great can ever happen in your life. When you just trust and take action, incredible joy is there waiting for you. If you do fail, you will learn a valuable lesson for your next attempt. If on the chance your trust is not reciprocated by another person, again, you will gain some valuable insights which will help you on the next occasion that you choose to just trust!

In this week’s podcast with Lachlan Winter called Letting go, he discusses how he overcame debilitating Crohn’s disease by just letting go and trusting. I guess what I am saying is that there is far more to gain than to lose if you let go and just trust. I know for a fact I would not be writing this blog or enjoying the wonderful experiences in my life unless I chose to just trust. You are good enough, and people want to be there for you, so all you have do, moving forward from here, is to just trust!