Whilst unconsciously chasing what society expected of him, happiness, corporate success, and material gain, Sean O’Leary found himself lost. His marriage over, his bank balance non-existent, his health failing and his life meaningless. The only joy in his life were is three children, and it was thinking about how, at the age of 42, his obesity and failing health would impact his relationship with them that moved him into trying to find some answers.

He weighed 135kg (close to 300lbs), his liver was failing and the threat of diabetes very real, when he started the overwhelming journey to recover his health and his life. Just one day and one step at a time, not only did Sean recover his health, he transformed his life. As a result of his commitment to a 12-week program he dropped 5 clothing sizes, but at week eight had the epiphany which cemented the belief he would never be overweight or unhealthy again.

This is an incredibly powerful and inspiring conversation in which Sean and offers some simple strategies that you can apply today to start your own transformational journey. His message is clear and it is profound, and that is, your transformation will happen one day at a time and by simply taking the next step. Enjoy this wonderful conversation with Sean O’Leary.

Sean can be found on his website at www.seannicholas.com