Kim Rahir  is a 60 year old mother of three who was diagnosed with MS in 2013 and decided to ignore her doctor’s advice and muscle her way back to a happy life. In 2023 she became European Champion in Masters Weightlifting in her age and weight category. Her journey inspired her to leave her career in journalism in her 50s and become a health coach for middle aged women – with a big focus on reactivating and rebuilding muscle. Today, she helps women tap into an abundant source of vitality. It works by reactivating and maintaining muscle and eating to nourish and flourish.

Kim was able to negotiate the negative and disempowering thoughts and harness the positive and empowering ones to help her move forward one day and one step at a time to go from wheelchair to weightlifting podium. Here mantra is to just show up, and do something to move forward, and it is a philosophy that has overcome and create an outcome that many medical professionals believed was not possible.

Kim offers lots and very inspiring stories, and some great tips for anyone, male or female to get started on the journey to reinvent themselves. She believes that just 15 minutes per days enough. I agree, the condition is that it has to be 15 minutes every day. Get ready to be inspired as this is a powerful and empowering podcast you will love.

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