Emily Chadbourne is full of life, full of joy and full of inspiration. Now working as a mindset coach, and on the verge of launching her new business, she has learned a lot that we discuss in the podcast. If you get a chance to check out her instagram page you will see what I mean. 

Em followed a man for love from the UK to Australia, leaving behind a lucrative hospitality career. She struggled to find work in Australia and had to accept working as a waitress for $20 per hour. She spiralled into debt, into alcohol, and into a deep dark place. After her boyfriend left her, and she had humiliated herself at a friends wedding, she decided it was time to change. She had spent much of her life, to that point, blaming other people and circumstances for her situation. She decided to take radical responsibility, and everything changed.

In this episode Em shares her five spiritual principles that guide her life and helped her in her own transformation. A key message of our conversation is that joy is free and joy is everywhere, if we choose to look for it. By following her ‘four nothings and the end’ principles, an abundance of joy will appear for us in every moment of every day. This is a powerful conversation, not to be missed.

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